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Lose up to a pound of fat a day with our new weight loss program!*

*Pictured results after 10 visits.

Individual results may vary.

*Pictured results after 10 visits.

Individual results may vary.

Measurable Results in 1 Visit! You can lose up to an inch in one day!*

With our new weight loss program you can lose up to a pound of fat a day.* We also use Light Therapy technology to make it even easier to lose fat in those resistant areas such as your upper arms, belly and legs.

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Safe & Proven Technology!

At Capital District Wellness Management Services, Inc, we use UltraSlim an advanced slimming and toning program. It is the natural and healthy way to lose inches on the waist, hips, upper legs, arms and chin!

Get Measurable Results
in just one treatment

No Pain - No Surgery
No Downtime

Slimming Technology

What Our Customers Say

At Capital District Wellness Management Services Inc, our goal is to provide you with quality care, in a relaxed atmosphere, a friendly staff and with results that you can measure. We offer a comprehensive metabolic weight loss management program that will fit your weight loss goals and lifestyle. Our Light Therapy program offers a fast and safe way to shed inches. Financing is available on most packages. Call us today to schedule an introductory session. Visit the FAQ section to answer common questions, or call us if you have any questions.

We’re proud to offer UltraSlim Cold Light® “The only FDA cleared device for immediate non-invasive fat reduction without dieting, exercising or pills”.  Learn more.

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Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from individual to individual.