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Below are video testimonials sent in by some of our satisfied clients. Please know that results may vary from individual to individual. No guarantee of loss can be made. Everyone’s goals and bodies are different, we’ll work with you to achieve yours.

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Other Testimonials

“I started using Red Light Therapy for weight loss in December 2015. I am Amazed at the results I have lost over 11 total inches and it was so easy. I exercise regularly doing Pilates, Yoga and ballet bar and no matter what I was not able to lose inches or weight!!!! Especially off my waist. The ladies at Capital District Wellness Management are fantastic people very kind and professional. The process is painless and easy. I highly recommend the red light therapy.”
*Individual results may vary.

“I had great results. I lost 20+ Lbs. and 20 Inches along with exercise, clean eating and a positive attitude. Staff was wonderful to work with.”
*Individual results may vary.

“I was cynical coming to try red light therapy, however I can feel the difference .After 6 treatments, 7 inches disappeared. I used it as motivation to get back to eating healthier, reducing stress and the big one getting out for exercise. The combination is working. I love the Vibratrim machine and am feeling the effects with more energy and motivation.!”
-L. McD
*Individual results may vary.