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Weight Loss Improves Your Appearance and Your Health!

Being overweight or obese is not just an image problem, it is a health problem. Weight gain has been linked to cancer, diabetes, diseases of the gall bladder, kidney, liver, primary cause of arthritis in the lumbar spine, hips and knees, as well as many other diseases. It can shorten your life expectancy by Years! Pre-packaged processed meals and “diets” with fake brownies and diet soda won’t give you lasting weight loss. In fact they can make you fatter.

You may be wondering how to lose weight. You may be wondering how to get healthier. We have an answer that may work for you!

We can help you lose up to a pound a day and also target your specific problem areas of fat accumulation. Lose it where you need!

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Metabolic Weight Loss Program: Lose up to a pound a day.*

We have a naturally based program that addresses all the factors necessary to allow your body to shed pounds of real fat quickly and safely. Detoxification, metabolic balance, hormonal balance, as well as a natural approach to food selection. We even give you an easy “step by step” calendar to make the entire process easier. You have to change your habits not just go on a diet.

Red Light Treatments: Lose 2 inches or more of fat in a single hour session!*

The use of specific red light frequencies, stimulate your fat cells to release their fat and allow your body to remove it naturally through the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. There is no bruising, pain or tissue damage. Results can be seen immediately. You can target specific areas of your body like your belly, back, thighs, upper arms or even your face.

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If you have any interest in losing unwanted fat in those resistant areas such as your upper arms, belly and legs, contact Capital Wellness Management Services, Inc today and join our new weight loss program! Call 518.489.2628

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Lose up to a pound of fat a day and get amazing results!*


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*Individual results may vary.

before and after weight loss photo
*Individual results may vary.


before and after photo of slimming therapy on chin*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.

Obesity increases cancer risk by around 40 percent in women, according to new figures from Cancer Research UK.

It’s not about looking good in a swim suit for the summer, or losing a few pounds to feel better about yourself!

It is about a serious health risk beyond joint stress and arthritis, beyond increased risk of diabetes and increased risk of heart disease.

diagram of the body - displaying areas of the body where obesity increases the risk of cancer With our new Weight Loss technology you can lose up to a pound of  fat a day.* We also just added the Red Light Technology to make it even easier to lose Fat in those resistant areas such as your belly and upper arms. Don’t take a chance with your health. Call to schedule an introductory session.

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from individual to individual.